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Can Caruana stop Gukesh?


Gukesh is on 7/7 before facing Caruana | photo: Lennart Ootes, FIDE

16-year-old Indian prodigy Gukesh has already "done a Caruana" by scoring 7/7, but if he's going to make it 8/8 he needs to beat Fabiano Caruana himself. They meet in Round 8 as top seeds USA take on the four teenage stars of India 2, while leaders Armenia face India 1.

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In Round 8 we have perhaps the most anticipated match-up of the event so far, top seeds USA vs. the incredible talent of India 2.

Adhiban sits out the match, so it's the super-prodigies vs. the superstars: Sadhwani (16 years old) vs. Dominguez, So vs. Praggnanandhaa (16), Nihal Sarin (18) vs. Aronian (Sam Shankland is understandably rested after his heartbreak the day before) and Caruana vs. Gukesh (16).

It's fitting that if Gukesh wants to reach 8/8 he has to do it against Fabiano Caruana, who famously started the 2014 Sinquefield Cup with 7/7. Gukesh has been in incredible form in Chennai, while Fabiano has struggled, most recently losing to Gabriel Sargissian.

Gabriel again leads Armenia and will face Harikrishna, as the 1st Indian team are the latest to try and catch the leaders. Once again India are favourites, on paper, but Armenia have proven again and again that they're much more than the sum of their parts.

Elsewhere Keymer-Abdusattorov is a battle of the prodigies to look out for in Germany-Uzbekistan, while Magnus Carlsen will try to make it five wins in a row when he takes on 20-year-old Slovakian Grandmaster Jergus Pechac.

Jergus was in the news for winning the Svetozar Gligoric Fair Play Trophy after offering Boris Gelfand a draw when the Israeli star mouse-slipped his queen in a World Cup qualifier. In Chennai, Jergus has already beaten Anton Korobov.

In the Women's section we have a battle of the Top 2 seeds, India (still on a perfect 14/14) vs. Ukraine, who are two points behind.

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That match, with Humpy Koneru vs. Mariya Muzychuk on top board, is too close to call, with all the players in top form. If India win they'll have taken a giant step towards gold medals, while if Ukraine win we'll get a 3-way tie at the top with three rounds to go if there's a winner in Georgia-Armenia (Nana Dzagnidze vs. Elina Danielian).

Randa Seder

8-year-old Randa Seder is in action again as Palestine take on South Africa | photo: Madelene Belinki, FIDE

Don't miss the live commentary from Peter Leko and Peter Svidler from 15:00 IST (11:30 CEST).

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