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Blood spilled at Olympiad's Bermuda party as England captain suffers freak finger "ordeal"

We searched high and low for the usual scandal, gossip and intrigue at the Olympiad's infamous Bermuda party.

But, in the end, all we got was this...

England Women's captain Lorin D'Costa was hospitalised with a severed finger after a freak accident involving a mobile phone, a glass and (we're guessing) an unknown quantity of alcohol.

The 37-year-old Londoner revealed on Facebook: "Quite a few people hearing about my ordeal at the Chess Olympiad Bermuda party this evening.

"Hanging out with Pierre Gengler all going fine, group selfie taken by someone here (won't tag her because it was complete accident).

"She dropped her phone, which smashed my glass and caused me to need stitches in my finger at hospital.

"Back at 4am all fine, luckily its a rest day tomorrow! England Women's team doing well on 4 wins from 6 matches, they will still have me for the remainder of the competition."

Comments on the post offered little sympathy for the International Master and author of She Plays to Win.

One quipped, "However will you perform a legal castle now?!" Another said, "Giving opponents the finger for the rest of the tournament!"

Another warned, "It's a blood sport, I tell you."

However, chess24 reached out to Lorin to check on the condition of his middle finger, and he said: "Thanks, yeah, just had to get it rebandaged at doctors."

After the event, FIDE's official press officer David Llada tweeted: "What happens in the Bermuda party stays in the Bermuda party".

The event was also attended by the English Chess Federation's Women’s Director, Agnieszka Milewska, who appeared concerned about the possibility of photos emerging.

Sadly, none have... yet.

Lorin's injury and party hangovers did not appear to have negatively affected his team, however.

England's women beat Denmark 3.5-1.5 today with wins for Lan Yao, Akshaya Kalaiyalahan and Zoe Varney while Meltwater Champions Chess Tour commentator Jovanka Houska drew on board 1.

England's team now sit 28th going into Round 8.


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